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Herron Family | Central Alberta Photographer

The Herron family has a really cozy home close to the Raven River in Central Alberta. It was the perfect backdrop to family photos. It really didn't hurt at all the have kittens, chickens and a lazy river to take photos by.

It was easy to capture the love and connection this family has. E is an energetic girl who who was excited to tell me all about her life on the farm. My visit wasn't complete without a tour of the house and showing off the baby chicks, garden and river.

It really reminded me of my time living at the farm and how great it is to have so much nature right out the front door.

The location was perfect, along with the beautiful blanket that Steph's mom made for her birthday. It added such a soft personal touch the put the photos over the top.

In the end there were so many great photos full of smiles, laughter and a lot of love it was hard to choose just a few to share with you all!

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