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Photo by Karmen Meyer Photography

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About Me

Photography is the best kind of magic.  Each photograph has the potential to capture something unique and telling.   Family photography can be more the poses and stiff smiles, I want to capture real interactions and genuine smiles that tell your family's story.


I am located in Airdrie, Alberta with my husband and teen Riley.  I have always loved photographs.  Some of my earliest memories include going through the photo albums my mom put together.  My life changed when I bought my first digital camera.  It was small, silver and gave me the opportunity to capture my life as I saw it.  A few years later, before the birth of my second child I received my first DSLR camera for Christmas.  I began taking photos of my children, friends, family and really anyone who would tolerate a camera being around them.

In 2014, my three year old daughter Sarah lived life with cancer for three months before passing away.  It was a very difficult time that brought a lot of clarity.  The photos that I had always cherished became a monument to my daughter.  It didn’t matter whether I had one chin or five, I realized more then ever that those photos held a sliver of time that I would never get back. 


My photography began to reflect those hard lessons.  The rules of photography began to matter less and my desire to capture the people I love in authenticity. 

This began my discovery of documentary family photography which influences the way I direct sessions.  

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