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Family photography sessions offer the chance to capture not only your smiles, but the small gestures that make your family unique.  My goal is to

find the spark that is special to your family and translate that to the photographs you receive.   Contact me with any questions or to book your session today.

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Learn about who I am and why photography matters to me

Learn which session would work best for your family

Plan and prepare for your photos, including outfits

What you can  expect on photo day

Documentary Sessions

These photography sessions offer a very unique opportunity for your family.  I work hard to chronicle what makes your family tick!  These sessions are some of my favourite because they give parents a chance to see their family routines from the outside.  These sessions run 3-8 hours and tell a story as unique as the family in them!

Portrait Family Sessions

In these photography sessions the goal is to capture the connection and love between your family.  Sessions run about an hour and can include 15+ images for you to choose from. They are a lot of fun and I always spend my time laughing at the kids antics!

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