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In Home Newborn Photography Sessions

In home newborn photography sessions offer a relaxed pace photo shoot to capture the newest addition to your family. The goal is to capture the genuine connection of your family in your home.

Newborn photo session Airdrie, Calgary family of four, lifestyle photography

Some frequently asked questions:

1.  What should you do when I am at your house? I suggest thinking of the types of moments you would want captured and start there. Often I capture: getting dressed, cuddles in the nursery, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, story time, hanging out while making lunch, outdoor time, and family snuggles on the couch.

2. What should we wear?  Comfort is key.  When you are wearing clothes you genuinely like to wear and feel good in, you are less likely to appear uncomfortable.  If for you that means a fancy dress and done to the nines, great.  If it means casual pajamas with no bra, also just as great.  I want you to look at the photos and see your family as you are.  Some things to consider - hats can cast shadows on eyes, as well as transition lenses, and small striped clothing can warp on camera. If you want guidance, reach out and I'm glad to help.

3. Does my home have to be perfectly clean?  Nope!  I promise that the focus of the photos will be the human interactions that happen, not the state of your floors.

4. What if I'm not comfortable with you taking photos of something?  In documentary photography the idea is to tell the story of that day, tantrums, pee breaks and hard feelings included.  I understand that everyone's preference for privacy is different, so all you have to say is "Give me a minute" and I will back off.  This also applies to sharing photos on my website and socials.  When I give you the edited photos, please let me know if there are any photos you are not comfortable with me sharing.

Newborn photography Airdrie, Calgary, in home photography, documentary photographer

If you are interested in learning more or booking a session reach out I would love to be your photographer!


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