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Ian and Nickole Baker

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Documentary Wedding Photographers | Central Alberta Wedding | Blended Family

There is a certain look that Baker men give the women they love. Ian is no exception to this. A few years ago, he told us about this great gal named Nickole and it wasn't too long before we knew it was the real deal.

In 2021 they were married in Rocky Mountain House. In the morning, the groomsmen had breakfast at a local shop while the bridal party started the process of hair, makeup, and putting on their uniquely wrapped dresses.

The ceremony had many characteristics that pointed to the way Ian and Nickole love each other so well. The orange and purple accented colours, the archway created by them, and the sign citing "Bless Our Blended Family". The couple's vows were funny, sweet and heart felt. No one had any doubt as to the love these two share.

The after photos, the group jumped in the limo and headed to the hall. The bridal part danced there way into the hall, setting the tone of the celebration that followed.

After the dinner and speeches we took a quick break across the road to grab a few more photos of the couple before the party really took off.

We are so grateful to add Nickole and J to our family.


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