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Irvine Family

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Documentary Family Photography | Calgary, Alberta | Family of Four

In 2014 the Irvine Family began a CHD journey with their daughter Evanna. Evanna was born with a rare and extremely complex congenital heart defect (which you can read about here.) Kierra also documents their journey through Instagram and takes time to to educate about CHD and living with a tracheotomy. Her goal is to normalize what is abnormal about their life in order to create awareness for those families affected by medical diagnosis.

I spent the morning with their family trying to keep up with Bennit's antics and watching Evanna in her element. It would be easy to get caught up in all the medical parts of their life, but once you spend time with this family, it is very apparent that life is more about loving their kids and helping them thrive.

Daughter sitting on moms lap

Daughter with Tracheotomy sitting on moms lap holding hands

Blonde boy sitting in high chair squishing crumbs with his hands

family in kitchen looking at their daughter over the kitchen counter smiling

If you want to help their family and other's with their medical journeys, please donate blood and become an organ donor. Learn more here about donating.


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