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Pole Family

First time parents have a certain kind of magic. They are navigating being responsible for this new life and trying to figure it all out while being sleep deprived! It reminds me so much as my first days as a young mom with my first babe, relishing in every moment and finding my sweet spot as a parent.

The Pole family are full of this magic. Their home exudes love and comfort.

Jasper is a serious baby with inquisitive eyes. He was so calm during the session, even if he didn't want to be wrapped up! He is also crazy strong! It is hard to believe that he is a few weeks old and rolling onto his back. We were joking he would be crawling soon, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he was walking by nine months!

I am always so thankful for families who welcome me into their home and let me capture these small moments in their lives!

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