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Preparing for Photo Day

You have booked your date, picked out the outfits and now the day has come!

Before your photograph session I have a few tips that will help make our time together as smooth as it can be.

1. Let kids nap and feed everyone. This is a great way to avoid the over tired and hangry tantrums that kids (and a few adults) can have.

2. Have emergency hair brushes and face wipes in case of fallen out pony tails or snotty noses!

3. Relaxed attitude. I book us an hour so that we can take our time, including breaks or taking time to warm up if needed. Sometimes kids don't want to cooperate and that's alright. If we all under react it usually goes a long way to encourage cooperation.

4. Plan on celebrating after photos. (Some may call this bribery, I just call it being smart). Having something enjoyable planned after helps keep everyone in a great frame of mind for the afternoon.

Photos can be a wonderful bonding time and should be full of laughter! Perfect isn't the goal, presence and connection is what we are after!


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