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Sessions to Fit Your Family

Every family has their own unique personality and needs that should be celebrated! There are many different types of photograph sessions that can be catered to your family in order to give you the images you want!

1. Lifestyle Family Portraits

These sessions are more formal with suggestions and posing. While I do get some photos with everyone looking at the camera, the in between moments play a big part of this session.

In the end you will get images that follows these lines.

2. In Home Lifestyle Session

These are similar to the outdoor sessions, but occur in your home. I often suggest that the house doesn't need to be perfectly clean, just clear a bit of clutter and any home can work!

It is pretty common in my home that I am the one taking photos of what is happening in our home. An in home session offers the chance for both partners to be in images.

3. Documentary Sessions

Sometimes life is just sweet as it is, with no prompting, posing or direction. Documentary sessions give you images of your family being themselves, following their own routines. I spend 3-12 hours with your family, capturing the moments as they happen. In the end you get professional images of your family as they naturally are.

While it may seem awkward to have someone follow you for a few hours, I promise it is more like a friend coming over for a coffee with a camera then the paparazzi.

4. Everything In between

In all honesty most of my sessions are somewhere in between all of these. I love to talk with my clients, find out what images they are looking for and then offer them a solution that gives them what they are looking for.

It may helpful to answer these questions:

What do you want to do with the images? (Holiday cards, wall gallery, photo album...)

Are there specifics images you want to have? (Individual portraits, breastfeeding photos, dad and daughter, siblings, couple...)

Is there a photograph you had? (a favourite family tradition, specific location, your kids favourite game, a special baby gift...)

Is there an event(s) coming up in the next year that you want to have photographed?

Who in your family is reluctant to be photographed and why?

Hopefully this will help you envision the best fit for you and your family! As always feel free to contact me with specific questions here


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