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Tessa and Shelford

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

This summer, on a cool Saturday I spent the day with Tessa and Shelford documenting their wedding day. There was rain in the forecast and so in preparing for the worst we were all relieved to see it looked like it would hold off until the evening.

The morning was spent getting ready with her wedding party and family. There were games of dominoes, with little feet running around while everyone finished their hair and makeup looks.

Tessa's dress was beautiful, with dreamy lace details. She had a elegant braid in her hair which went perfectly with the floral crown with bright colours that stood out so well in her chestnut hair.

The ceremony was at the Lincoln Hall by Gull Lake. The wheat field and smokey skies created a romantic backdrop. Everyone gathered around as the bridal party arrived and the ceremony started. One of my favourite moments in any wedding it when the groom sees his bride for the first time. Tessa and Shelford have two sweet girls that were the perfect addition to the wedding party, even if Miss I wasn't that interested in the proceedings.

After everyone had their chance to say congrats, we went to our portrait location. While the smoke has been quite a bit this summer, it granted us almost the perfect lighting for the afternoon. With a lot of laughter the bridal portraits were effortless thanks to the beautiful wedding party.


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