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Tina and Keith

Tina and Keith | Spring 2018 | Fairview, Alberta

I think every wedding photographer starts their blog post with a "This wedding was so much fun" statement, but listen -

|| This wedding was so much fun ||

The wedding was relaxed and had this great celebratory feel that lasted throughout the whole weekend. It really was a time when we could celebrate these two pretty great humans and their life together.

Saturday morning Tina and her family gathered at her parents. The house was brimming with people. Hair stations were set up, last minute wardrobe choices made by nieces, and within a few hours everyone was ready to head to the church.

The wedding ceremony was touching and effortless. It was beautiful to see so many smiling faces with their attention turned towards Keith and Tina as they said their vows and exchanged rings (Even if it took some leverage to get Tina's ring on!)

The wedding party decided to travel in a cube van which seemed like a great idea, although a bit dusty and hot! We quickly worked through all the family photos while the kids were some what happy and moved on to wedding party photos.

After a busy and hot afternoon the wedding party could finally relax, untuck their shirts, take off uncomfortable shoes and just enjoy that evening. The dinner was delicious, the games were full of laughter and the speeches were touching and sincere. I managed to grab the busy couple to take a few sunset photos before the party really gained momentum!

I may be a bit biased since it is my family, but I really think that this is what wedding should be about - family and friends celebrating together!


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