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You Belong Here

Airdrie Family Photographer | 2SLBGTQIA+ Photographer Calgary | Queer Family Photography

You belong here.

Families of all designs deserve to be photographed in a way that honours them.

Families are fueled by love, no matter what they look like. I strive to offer a safe place where diversity of gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, body size, race, disability, neurodiversity and many other intersections are embraced.

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What does this look like in practice?

Each family has an opportunity to fill out this form. It is the beginning of creating a session that works for your family. Need something accessible by wheelchair? Are you comfortable with your photos being shared online? Would you like me to use a specific family moniker? You have space to let me know so we can both feel a bit more comfortable on the day.

All bodies are good bodies. Regardless of your size, gender expression, or style I deeply believe you are worthy of being celebrated. I do not photoshop or prioritize flattering angles. I am more interested in the moment you smile, of how tight your kids squeeze you.

Your privacy matters to me. I ask permission before sharing your photos online and on social media. I do not include identifying information beyond what has been discussed. If you would like your session to be taken in a more private space, we can figure out a solution together.

This is an asshole free zone. I do not tolerate hate or discrimination. I ask my clients to treat me and each other with kindness. We can be kind and honour the differences regardless of our own understanding.

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